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  • All About Jessie
    I guess my pet Jessie was about 1 year old when we got her. She was adorable, Fun Loving, still a pup of course, very friendly and took to the whole family right away., best pet ever. Not a Large dog, but she was not afraid of anything. Very protective over her territory. But Most of all Jessie Loved to hunt. Yep, she was a hunter alright, and good at it. On Countless occasions she would love to show us what she had captured, She would be very proud of her catch. However, we were not to come close to it, it was hers and hers alone. Visit Our Kennel and Dog Daycare Today. Dog Boarding Near Me, Mocksville, Clemmons, Advance, Statesville, Yadkinville.
  • More About Jessie
    She Loved to run and play and made friends with the entire neighborhood, but never strayed to far from home. She loved the outdoors, but came in every evening to Eat, rest and sleep, then up the next morning wanting out. There is much more I could say about Jessie. She lived a long life of 18 years and brought much happiness to our family. She Is Missed every day and we love her very much. This Site and Business (Jessie's Paw Country) is Dedicated to her. RIP Jessie.
  • Lovin Me Some Dogs

    Since I was a Child I have loved dogs, got that from my mom. She Loved all animals and I am thankful for all she gave to me. Doesn't really mater the breed, i could cuddle up with any pet, Large, In Between or small. I do not think I have been a day in my life without a dog my my side. We have had many through the years and I miss them all, they all have brought much joy to me. These days I've Got Clarice and Duke (Sheppard), and Lucy who keep me busy. I might be soon adding a friend for Duke, he needs one Here at The Dog Boarding facility. He has a lot of energy. Thanks to all for visiting and I hope to meet you here at Jessie's Paw country Dog Boarding,Kennel For your pet.

  • Why I'm Here
    So Many reasons I'm Here, and Love Dog Boarding. To Many to list. But the main reason is I love Boarding a Dog and Love our Kennel and caring for them. I can promise Your Best friend will become a good friend to me during their stay here at Jessie's Paw Country. I will make every effort to make your pet as comfortable as possible. But of course there is no place like home. I can not say to any of you not to worry, because I know you will. We all worry about our children when we are apart. But rest assured I will give them as much attention as possible. It's Just how I am.
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